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Advantages of Rapier Loom

Aug 28, 2017

The biggest advantage of the weft insertion system of the rigid rapier loom is that the weft is transferred to the center of the Centre without any guidance, and the rigid rapier loom occupies a small area, which is mainly the limit of the reed width.
Flexible rapier loom weft insertion system has strong adaptability, wide application range, increased weft insertion rate and reed width up to 460cm.
In the last 15 years of 20th century, the electronic computer introduced loom, microelectronics-system has been widely used, so that microelectronics technology, information transmission technology and weaving technology to form a perfect combination, many electronic devices and the combination of system and loom to become a rapier loom components, especially the microelectronics technology in Rapier loom on the wide application, including weft insertion technology. Some weft insertion elements are greatly improved, small in size and light in weight.
Because of the wide application of microelectronic technology, the speed and weft-insertion rate of rapier loom are greatly improved. In all kinds of weft insertion methods, such as projectile weft insertion, rapier weft insertion, jet weft insertion and water injection weft insertion system, the speed of rapier weft insertion is also high in addition to jet weft insertion. 50 years after 20th century, rapier loom made remarkable progress, especially in 1995 Milan and 1999 Paris exhibition, to show the world the latest High-tech rapier loom.