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Rapier loom

Aug 28, 2017

Rapier loom is the most widely used shuttle-free loom, which has the advantages of high speed, high automatization and the characteristics of high efficiency production, its active weft insertion method has a strong variety adaptability, can adapt to all kinds of yarn weft, coupled with rapier loom in multi-color weft weaving also has obvious advantages, can produce up to 16 color weft yarn-dyed products. With the shuttle loom replaced by shuttle loom, Rapier loom will become the main production machine of woven fabric.

As early as 150 years ago, the shuttle loom gradually replaced manual weaving, then there is a shuttle loom than the production of hand-woven cloth 1 time times higher. 1844 began to appear shuttle-free loom, flexible rapier loom started in 1925, after World War II, 50 to 60 to achieve commercial production, and gradually achieved remarkable progress, at present, rapier loom weft insertion rate reached 1500m/min above.
Rapier loom is mainly designed to solve the method of weft insertion, including rigid, flexible and retractable weft-insertion mode. Its main products are clothing fabrics, compared with other weft-insertion methods, rapier loom weft insertion mode to adapt to multi-color weft, can produce 12-color weft pattern of the products, including various types of yarn, the production of various types of fabric. The active Rapier drive can be used to complete weft insertion of many yarns with difficult weft insertion.

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