Shuttle loom

- Aug 28, 2017-

The shuttle loom is one of the loom types. The weft is introduced into the weaving machine of the spindle by using the shuttle as the Weft insertion device. Shuttle weft loom large vibration, large noise, machine material loss, not conducive to the shortcomings of high yield, therefore, the general shuttle loom is gradually phased out. For safe production, usually shuttle loom is divided into right-hand car, switch handle on the right side of the machine called the right hand car, on the contrary, called the left-handed car.
When the shuttle weft finish can be completed automatically fill the weft movement, to ensure that the machine continues to operate as "automatic loom", otherwise, called "Ordinary Loom." Loom at least one side of the shuttle box more than a moment, known as the Shuttle box loom.
There is a poor versatility of shuttle looms, with cotton weaving machines, wool looms, silk weaving machines and linen looms to process different fibres of fabric. In order to adapt to the particularity of processed fabrics, there are towel loom, yarn Leno machine, plush loom, hose loom, sack loom, metal screen loom, etc.