The development and change of rapier loom

- Aug 28, 2017-

Between 1963 and 1999, the speed of operation and the weft-insertion rate of rapier loom in international textile machinery exhibition were greatly changed.
For example, the weft insertion rate of flexible rapier looms rose from 1963 315m/min to 1999 2000m/min; the rotational speed rose from 1971 's 200r/min to 1999 's 800r/min.
The weft-insertion rate of rigid rapier looms rose from 1963 400m/min to 1999 1300m/min, and the rotational speed rose from 1971 's 300r/min to 1999 's 650r/min.
Shumeite (Somet), Zell, Bi Jia, Wintes, Dornier and Tsudakoma and other companies of the rapid increase in the speed of the product is more significant, domestic rapier loom speed has reached the 504r/min.
It is the machine manufacturer's goal to participate in the world competition to improve the production and operation performance of loom, improve weaving efficiency and product quality. Rapier loom not only speed and weft rate has greatly improved, and loom width
Also increased faster, after years of efforts to improve the rapier loom speed and weft insertion rate has greatly exceeded the shuttle loom, but the width can not be compared with the gripper loom.