The principle of woven weave

- Aug 28, 2017-

The warp on the loom exits from the spindle, bypasses the rear spar, passes through the stop-piece ﹑ full eye and Reed and arrives at the loom, weaving with the weft to form the fabric. The fabric bypasses the chest beam, which is driven by the coiling roller, and is wound to the roll roll after the guide roller. When the warp and weft are interwoven, the full frame is made up and down respectively, so that the warp in the integrated eye is divided into two layers to form a spindle mouth so that the weft can be introduced into the spindle. When the weft is over the warp layer, the reed on the reed seat pushes it to the weaving mouth. In order to make the weaving continuous, the woven fabric must be removed from the working area, and the warp on the weaving axis will enter the working area. In order to complete the ﹑ weft weaving, the loom must have openings ﹑ weft ﹑ weft ﹑ coiling and send through five basic movements, each by the corresponding mechanism to complete.