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The structure of the Loom

Aug 28, 2017

The main structure of loom is to complete the corresponding mechanism of five kinds of basic movements.
Opening mechanism
The warp is divided into two layers to form the spindle port, and there are several kinds of ﹑ opening mechanism and jacquard opening mechanism. The tread opening mechanism (Fig. 2) is the use of the cam to control the lift and the sequence of the frame. General use $number page full box, suitable for producing all kinds of plain ﹑ twill ﹑ satin and corduroy fabrics. Multi-arm opening mechanism (Fig. 3 Dobby opening mechanism) is controlled by Broach ﹑ Hook and the lifting of the full bar, and so on, by the spendthrift and the pattern plate ﹑ nail ﹑ heavy tail pole, such as control of the lifting sequence of the box. In order to weave a variety of small patterns of fabric, you can use the 16~32 page box. Jacquard opening mechanism (Fig. 4 jacquard opening mechanism) is made by lifting the knife ﹑ vertical hook (or straight needle) ﹑ line, such as control to promote the warp, each warp can be raised alone, by spendthrift﹑ horizontal needle, such as control warp lifting order. This kind of opening mechanism can weave large-pattern fabric, such as jacquard towel ﹑ jacquard blanket ﹑ jacquard brocade ﹑ like scene and so on. The loom with jacquard opening mechanism is called Jacquard loom.
Weft insertion mechanism
The mechanism by which the weft is introduced into the spindle. In the shuttle loom, the weft is made by the shuttle mechanism to strike the shuttle, which enables the shuttle to be introduced into the shuttle. The pitching mechanism is divided into three kinds of ﹑ and the lower pitch shuttle. This kind of projectile mechanism, because has the intense impact effect, the loom vibration and the noise is big, the machine ﹑ material consumes much, moreover is not safe, sometimes may cause the shuttle to injure the human accident. On the shuttle-less loom, the weft is introduced into the spindle by the weft insertion machine, which eliminates the disadvantage of the shuttle.
WEFT knitting mechanism
The mechanism by which the weft of the spindle is introduced to the mouth of the loom. There are two main types: one is to use crank ﹑ connecting rod transmission Reed on the reed, in front and back movement to play weft, known as the connecting rod mechanism; another is by the conjugate cam transmission reed in front and back movement of the reed, called conjugate cam-weft mechanism. The cam can be designed to control the rest time of the reed seat at the rear, and is suitable for weft insertion and weft insertion of wide-amplitude looms.
Take-up mechanism
The structure of the fabric to be weft-tight, to lead away from the work area and roll to the cloth roll. A circular roll with a friction material layer is usually used in a gear drive package to obtain the fabric. The take-up mechanism can change the weft density of the fabric by exchanging the transformation gears.
Delivery agencies
In accordance with the weaving needs to send the warp of the mechanism, usually by the warp on the axis of the weaving device and warp tension adjustment device two parts. During weaving, it is required that the tension of the warp is appropriate, and the warp tension will not fluctuate with the change of the diameter of the spindle.
In addition, the Loom also has a variety of auxiliary devices to improve the weaving machine production and fabric quality, reduce the labor intensity of the weaving, prevent parts damage and protect the safety of operators. such as the weft-broken self-stop device ﹑ warp-stop device ﹑ protective device ﹑ shuttle protection equipment and so on. When the loom is fitted with an automatic shuttle mechanism, it is called the automatic shuttle loom, and when the automatic change mechanism is installed, it is called the automatic change of the machine. When weaving different weft fabric, the loom is equipped with multiple shuttle box mechanism, Multicomputer Shuttle box loom. Multi-Shuttle box loom is divided into one-sided multiple shuttle box and two-side multiple shuttle box. One side of the single spindle box is the single shuttle box, the other side is the shuttle box, such as 1x4 multiple shuttle box is one side 4 shuttle box. Double-sided Shuttle box, the two sides of the loom are multiple shuttle box, such as 4x4 multiple shuttle box is two-sided 4 shuttle box.

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