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2017 Textile Industry Implementation Of Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Enterprise Demonstration Meeting Held In Beijing

Jul 14, 2018

In September 29th, the China Textile Engineering Society, sponsored by the China Textile Engineering Society, was held in Beijing, in Beijing, from China Textile Science Research Institute, China printing and dyeing industry association, China artificial intelligence society, Donghua University, Tianjin University of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University and Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics. Experts from universities and other units have deliberated on the declared enterprise materials.

In December 24th last year, under the initiative and guidance of the China Association for science and technology, 11 national societies, such as the China Textile Engineering Society, jointly launched the association of the China Association for intelligence manufacturing, which aims to help the manufacturing industry to improve the technological innovation ability and core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and promote the enterprise scientific research machine. The effective combination of institutions of higher learning in the strategic level will enhance the ability and level of our country's intelligent manufacturing, and promote the strategic breakthrough and key stride in China's manufacturing industry.

In this starting point, in April of this year, the China Textile Engineering Society began to carry out the declaration work of "the pilot and demonstration enterprise of the textile industry practice intelligent manufacturing" in the whole industry, hoping to find and establish a number of outstanding enterprises to practice intelligent manufacturing and achieve excellent results and promote their excellent experience and practice. To the whole industry, promote the digital, networked and intelligent design and production process of textile enterprises, promote the rapid development of the intelligent manufacturing industry in the textile industry and the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries.

It is reported that after the initial assessment of the declaration, a total of 39 enterprises entered the final expert review. Declaring enterprises organize materials according to four kinds of intelligent manufacturing.

First, intelligent equipment, including automation, digital control, real-time on-line monitoring and adaptive control of key equipment, machine generation, flexible manufacturing, etc.

The two is intelligent operation, including intelligent production and intelligent management.

The three is intelligent products, including the direct application of information technology in textile terminal products.

The four is intelligent service, through the establishment of intelligent service platform, so that manufacturing enterprises and productive service agencies integrate.

According to the director of the host unit, the selection is focused on the inspection of the enterprises through the application of intelligent equipment, intelligent operation, development of intelligent products and intelligent services, especially in data collection and data intelligence analysis, reducing labor, improving production efficiency, reducing product rate, and improving energy. The effectiveness of the utilization rate and other aspects, and the emphasis on whether the enterprise has the ability to continue to upgrade after the application, whether it has a good growth and industry advanced.

The judges are fully affirmed by the enterprises in the pilot demonstration. It is generally believed that enterprises can make "China made 2025" and "Internet +" as development strategy, and can realize automation, information, intelligence and even unmanned production in equipment, operation, product or service, which has significantly promoted production efficiency and quality. Quantity, reduce a number of costs, and demonstrate the leading role in the industry.

At the same time, the experts also hope that through this review, enterprises can effectively promote the progress of the next intelligent manufacturing work to encourage, guide and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, and also put forward suggestions for development: the key patents of enterprises are expected to apply for international patent rights in order to protect the intellectual property rights of enterprises; and we hope that the enterprises will fully apply the large number of enterprises. According to the analytical means, the feasibility of upgrading the equipment and the pertinence of the service are promoted, and it is hoped that the enterprise can promote the overall intelligence of the enterprise from the independent research and development software, the management process information, and the production and research research.

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