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Abrasion Of Spindle Of Knitting Machine And Countermeasures

Oct 18, 2018

The wear of spindles occurs at spindle and bearing stalls. The normal wear of the spindle tip is smooth and round, and serious abrasive wear causes the spindle tip to form a gourd shape. When the bottom of the spindle and the spindle tip are not in the common axis, the movement of the spindle will cause sliding wear on the side contact. The normal bearing gear wear reduces the accuracy and increases the gap with the increase of vibration. If the bearing is short of oil, the bearing gear will wear faster. Usually, under certain load conditions, the wear degree of the spindle depends on the material, structure, hardness, metallographic structure, geometric accuracy and smoothness of the spindle rod, bottom, bearing, etc.

In order to reduce the vibration and wear of high-speed spindles, not only the manufacturing quality of the parts and the heat treatment method should be improved, but also the structure of the spindles should be studied, and the supporting, elastic and damping parameters should be optimized to control the critical speed and eliminate the self-excited vibration. For spindles with heavier loads, the geometry of the spindle tip and the structure of the spindle bottom must be taken into account. Besides, the advantages and disadvantages of bobbin have great influence on the vibration of spindle, especially after high speed. The role of oil in spindles is not only to lubricate parts, but also to damp vibration and affect power consumption.

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