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Brief Introduction Of Structural Procedure Of Water Jet Loom Accessories

Aug 28, 2017

Water Jet loom accessories structure, looks simple, four wooden pillars support the rack, but the scrutiny, is quite large. Water Jet loom accessories include fuselage, pedal, seat board, Centian, Zeng, spool, roll cloth shaft, shuttle, etc. no less than more than 10 parts. Its principle requires that the hands and feet must be tacit and common.
Water jet loom fittings warp at the end of the number of processes, after settling in the loom, the weaving man sits on the loom's seat board, first with right foot pedal, two Zeng to leave the meridian, the left hand pushes the Centian forward, then the stretched warp can pass through the shuttle, the right hand will be in the hands of the shuttle from the warp to the left, left hand then through to the shuttle at the same time, left foot left pedal, the warp with the upper and lower interlaced, so that the latitude in the shuttle is woven into the parallels, the right hand pulling Centian, The BAM made a noise and the process was finished. This kind of action repeats ceaselessly, cycle, Bushi then in the subordinate extension. The textile technology of Water-jet loom has been greatly developed in the textile industry. Textile enterprises I have to go in all aspects of a certain effect. Water-jet loom accessories for energy-saving environmental protection, which is to adapt to the development of large-scale equipment trends, and economic development needs.
Water Jet loom accessories are a kind of loom accessories that we call the machine. This water-jet loom is mainly used water as a medium for our water jet loom work. And we are using the force of the jet currents to control every detail and all the forces of the textile. These are the things we need to know, because if there are any problems with the Water-jet loom parts, we need to know them and to repair and organize them according to their nature and reasons.