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Characteristics And Main Applications Of Braiding Machine

Sep 14, 2018

1. Full automatic N color device.

The newly developed N color control device can be used to weave veneer or double board into N colors.

2. Large capacity memory

It can store and memorize large and complex designs. It can store N ingot / X indentation at the maximum. It can store N ingot / X indentation at the maximum for patterns with more than one color.

3. Magnetic card input system.

Remove the designed pattern PPD-35 and insert it into the card holder of CK35 knitting machine. By simple operation, the design pattern in the magnetic card can be quickly input into the knitting machine.

4. Automatic and safe operation of electric motors

The electric motor controlled by computer also has the following safe operation modes.

A, broken line stop mode: in the knitting process, when the wool is suddenly broken, the machine stops operating immediately.

B. Overload self-stop: in the process of knitting, such as wool winding or horse-walking bending, damage and other reasons resulting in overcast operation, overload, automatic shutdown, and automatic memory of the number of lines woven. Stop, and automatically remember the number of lines woven.

5, you can change the width of knitting freely, fast and convenient.

High-speed knitting machine is mainly used in shipyards, ocean transportation, defense and military industry, offshore oil, port operations, automotive aviation and trains, furniture, shoes, clothing, belts, wrist belts, jewelry and other fields. Its products have reasonable knitting structure, scientific technology, high strength, low elongation, wear resistance, easy operation and other advantages. It is especially suitable for making large-scale ropes.

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