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China's Textile And Clothing Ecological Safety Performance Has Reached The International Advanced Level In General.

Jul 06, 2018

After years of efforts, China's printing and dyeing industry has made certain achievements in processing cleanliness, energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction. The backward production technology and equipment with high energy consumption and high water consumption are gradually being replaced by energy saving, water-saving, environmental protection and efficient production equipment. High efficiency continuous processing equipment such as continuous cooking and bleaching equipment, mercerizing machine, continuous pad dyeing equipment, knitted fabric continuous rinsing and washing equipment has been widely applied.

The data showed that during the "12th Five-Year", the water consumption of the printing and dyeing industry fell by 28%, from 2.5 tons / 100 meters to 1.8 tons / 100 meters, and the overall energy consumption per unit product dropped by 18%, from 50 kilograms of coal / 100 meters to 41 kilograms of coal / 100 meters, and the water reuse rate of printing and dyeing industry was raised from 15% to 30%.

Nowadays, the ecological safety performance of China's textile and clothing has reached the international advanced level. Printing and dyeing enterprises actively carry out ISO9000 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, many enterprises have passed the Oeko-Tex100 ecological textile safety certification. The white list management system, which was launched by China printing and dyeing industry association and China Textile Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., was launched in 2012. During the "12th Five-Year", 57 printing and dyeing enterprises were qualified.

In addition, the introduction of the new environmental law, water and air pollution prevention and control action plan, the implementation of the new water emission standards in the industry and the air emission standards are being developed, which are also promoting the expansion of the scope of industry supervision and the enhancement of law enforcement.

The market baptism and depth adjustment in the past five years have made the printing and dyeing industry more healthy. The market has screened the real winners, and the industry has become more competitive through transformation and upgrading. But at the same time, enterprises in the industry should also see that some of the deep problems in the industry have not been solved thoroughly. A large number of environmental inputs have increased the cost of operation, which brings greater pressure to the industry, especially the small and medium enterprises. The international market has strengthened the control of chemical safety, and put forward stricter requirements for the ecological safety performance of export products. In Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries, the textile industry has developed rapidly with the cost, resources and international trade preferences, and the share of the international market is increasing. Therefore, China's printing and dyeing industry is facing increasing competitive pressure in the new pattern of international trade. In this regard, enterprises should keep rational, participate in market competition with high quality products and services, and pursue quality and substantial growth.

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