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Cleaning And Installation Of New Spindles And Spindle Seats For Braiding Machines

Oct 11, 2018

After the new spindle arrives at the factory, it is necessary to check the number of spindles, specifications and models, whether the surface is rusty or defective by comparing with the packing list. After checking correctly, it is cleaned, refueled, installed and commissioned.

1. Cleaning of spindle and spindle block.

Before installation of high-speed knitting machine, clean kerosene should be used to clean the surface of spindle rod-disc joint, dry it with non-woolen cloth, and place it vertically on the spindle special vehicle or special tools, avoid overlapping or disorderly stacking, prevent bending deformation or landing damage to the spindle tip. Similarly, the rust-proof oil on the ingot seat surface should be cleaned with clean kerosene and then wiped dry with cloth (ingot seat cavity, i.e. ingot bile manufacturer has been fully cleaned before leaving the factory without further cleaning), and discharged neatly in clean containers or inserted in special wooden lattice trucks.

The cleaning site should be kept clean and should be carried out in dry or dusty areas. In the process of cleaning and installation, do not let kerosene or impurities into the ingot seat cavity, to prevent rapid wear and tear in the running process of the ingot and reduce the service life of the ingot.

The rod-disc joint and the spindle seat of the spindle have been selected and tested before leaving the factory. Therefore, in the process of cleaning and installation, attention should be paid to the matching of the rod-disc joint and the spindle seat, which can not be used interchangeably.

2. Installation of spindle seats

Before the ingot seat is installed (and can be cleaned), check whether the ingot hook is loose, invalid, inflexible, or rubbed against the ingot disk. It should be fastened with the spindle seat.

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