Development Film Of Shuttleless Loom

- Dec 21, 2017-

A shuttle loom is a loom that is used to bring weft into the mouth of a shuttle with a flake weft or shuttle. Loom is suitable for wide speed weft, weft insertion rate as high as 1100 m/min, P7200 up to 1200 m/min. A variety of weft and wide fabric can be woven with a low machine noise. The shuttle loom has two kinds of PU and PS. The working width is 220 cm to 545 cm, and it is divided into two kinds: monochrome and multicolor. It can be used to weave pure cotton and wool and chemical fiber and other blended fabrics. If the dobby and jacquard openings are added, small patterns and large pattern fabrics can be woven. The weft tension can be controlled to avoid the defects caused by tight weft and loosening weft, and the quality of the fabric is excellent. In 1933, the German R. Rosman first proposed the shuttle weft insertion. In 1934, the Swiss Sulzer Ltd developed the shuttle loom. In 1953, it was first put into industrial production by Swiss Suhl shou (SULZER) and Rufi (RUTI) company.

Since 1970s, widely used in loom weft accumulator. Electronic detection of loom stop platform and other devices to increase loom productivity, and also successfully test projectiles with single shuttle or reciprocating weft insertion by means of mechanical, pneumatic or linear induction motors. Especially the P7300HP type gripperloom Swiss Sulzer Ltd to develop in recent years, it adopts the modular design of picking mechanism of the key to do the design and improvement of precision, optimize the motion sequences of all institutions, make electrical integration more perfect, at the same time around the increase speed, improve the fabric quality and weaving optimization technology has also made a great improvement and development.

In the past twenty years from 1980s to 90s, the use of the shuttles has developed rapidly in China. The projectile loom has been extended to cotton, hemp, silk towel, coarse material, construction, screen, woodworking cloth and industrial cloth etc. various industries, loom width Zhejiang praised production has more than 7 m, gripperloom is developing 12 m width.

The world technology level higher loom manufacturing manufacturer mainly include: Swiss Life Suhl (SULZER), models are representative of P7300HP, now part of Italy Yida company; the main representative of the domestic gripperloom models are type P7150 in Nanchang Hong Fei and Zhejiang praised YYG-W/ G301D12 etc..

At present, there are about 250 textile factories in China, which use more than 9100 new shuttle looms to expand to cotton, wool, silk and linen weaving, including towel replication, plastic, building, screen, geotextile, industrial cloth, police special fabric and other fields. The film shuttle has been nationalized, its annual sales volume is about 12 million yuan, and the export volume of some enterprises accounts for 45%. The domestic film shuttle accounts for about 70% of the world's market share, and the market development space is very large.