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Five Major Problems To Be Solved In The Maintenance Of The Spinning Machine

Mar 13, 2018

Although the textile enterprises are aware of the quality of equipment maintenance and management of equipment performance can normally play has an important influence, but many textile enterprises in the management work of the equipment maintenance is not satisfactory, many enterprises still exist many problems to be solved in the practical management, summed up mainly in five aspects.

First, the textile enterprises do not have a quiet mind to conscientiously implement and refine the management of the enterprises. Since the reform and opening to the outside world for more than 30 years, many advanced foreign management models have been deeply rooted in the textile enterprises. From the very beginning, the implementation of "total quality management" (TQC) in state-owned enterprises has been carried out in modern management 18 ways, 5S management and total staff quality management (TQM). These quality management systems have been very hot for a while. However, at present, domestic textile enterprises, especially small and medium-sized textile enterprises, can really manage advanced management as enterprise rules and regulations, but few. When used in the last century in 90s, the author had a field study in Anhui Huamao company. At that time, my biggest feeling is, has become a big vanguard Huamao company because of work seriously in the industry". I feel deeply in Huamao company TQC total quality management has been deeply rooted in each team, each person into everyone's heart.

Two, in the process of reforming and streamlining personnel, the enterprise has not insisted on the maintenance quality of the guarantee equipment as a prerequisite. In recent years, due to the changing pattern of the entire textile industry, especially the increase in the cost of labor, the demographic dividend is gradually decreasing. It is imperative to reduce employment. It should be said, to reduce labor is not what bad thing, but worrying is the tendency of many small and medium-sized enterprises are blind people's. These enterprises not according to the actual project of equipment maintenance and arrangement, old equipment new textile equipment and high degree of automation is the last century in 80s and 90s, will be simple according to the so-called standard personnel, which has led to the lack of relevant maintenance. In addition, many maintenance personnel without any training, from a single skill step down to multi operation skill jobs to work; some imported equipment maintenance personnel with high technical content, not through systematic training posts directly drive a duck onto a perch situation also common occurance; in addition, there are still some enterprises or even cancel the compression equipment management institution and management personnel or the job functions into other departments and the situation. I understand that at present, many private enterprises have neither set equipment sector specific, but also not equipped with professional equipment management personnel, this will inevitably lead to the gap between the management layer and operation layer, or even appear "three no" situation, the equipment management becomes a mere formality.

The three is to simplify the management operation at will, the system is not sound and unscientific. Although many private enterprises developed a "fixed" system, but does not have the corresponding equipment maintenance system, or although formulated the mechanical equipment maintenance system but it is not scientific and reasonable, not to mention machinery and equipment, technical files of the establishment of accounting. These enterprises not only lack a detailed understanding of the specific use of machinery and equipment, but also simplify management at any time, reduce management links, resulting in loose management and confusion. Although some enterprises equipped with professional equipment maintenance personnel, but also because there is no detailed and scientific maintenance system constraints, equipment maintenance often just to meet up, once the equipment problems, there will be no specific person in charge of the case, these cases will cause equipment failure, premature aging.

Four is the light implementation of equipment management and heavy coping. At present, many enterprises attach too much importance to efficiency. Not only the equipment maintenance cycle can be changed for benefit, but also the maintenance content can be reduced. The maintenance system can be flexibly changed with the boss's instructions. Some bosses even regard the management system as a talisman and regard it as a facade of enterprises. Even if they spend money on a ISO international standard, they consider more products selling and coping with the certification examination of related institutions, rather than from the bottom of their hearts.

The five is not to be repaired and replaced according to the requirements of the machinery plant. In my practice, I often find that the maintenance of equipment in textile enterprises is too casual. These enterprises or the old equipment spare parts and equipment replacement in a new generation of high-speed equipment, or delay replacement of spare parts and equipment has serious wear, or in order to save costs, purchase the components on the low speed device used in high speed machine, even when shoddy. In addition, the new generation of equipment to use old equipment refueling thinking is also a common phenomenon in many enterprises. As is known to all, the old equipments usually use common oil, butter and molybdenum disulfide. However, the poor lubrication of imported equipment may seriously affect the life of components and the whole machine. Therefore, the categories of equipment refueling should be strictly subdivided and must not be confused. But now there is still gas enterprises free operation, such as spinning machine oil bath gear box with non regular factory production of the gear oil seriously damaged It is often seen. Some bearings should be used with extreme pressure grease is usually butter or replace the MoS2, greatly shorten the life; even some enterprises will be added before and after the two kinds of mixed oil, in order to save not bearing cleaning, these practices will cause great damage to the equipment.