Five Reasons Loom Market

- Aug 28, 2017-

Since September last year, the domestic demand for rapier, jet and water jet looms has continued to rage, and the situation has continued to the present. Next, will this market trend continue? What should enterprises pay more attention to in this kind of situation? What is the level of weaving machinery in China? What are the future prospects of weaving machinery industry? At the 2017 annual meeting of the Textile Machinery Association of China, the guests of the meeting held a full exchange and communication on the hot topic of these industries and enterprises, and we are generally optimistic about the future development of the industry.

Wang Shutian, president of China Textile Machinery Association, said that the future development of weaving machinery faces many challenges, textile machinery enterprises should seize the opportunity to maintain a dominant position, while forming a joint venture, the development of the group.

Rational business growth slows down

China Textile Machinery Association Secretary General Xu introduced that the loom market has been hot since last year, there are mainly five reasons: first, because of difficulties in recruiting, downstream enterprises need to upgrade through equipment to reduce employment. Second, the labor cost increases, the staff management difficulty enlarges. Third, energy-saving environmental protection requires strict, thus prompting equipment to be updated. Four is now the market demand for fabric is higher, the original equipment can not meet the increasingly complex technological needs, especially in 2010 ~2012 years of a number of Water-jet loom has reached the use of life, need to update equipment. V. the need for structural adjustment. Denim cloth adjustment, from the width of 190cm to the width of the 220cm~230cm, this is the Rapier loom market hot one of the reasons. In the first quarter of this year, high speed rapier loom sales increased by 35.18% Year-on-year, mainly because of the upgrading of the old machine and the development of high-grade fabric varieties. At the same time, water jet loom sales increased 20%, Air-jet loom sales rose 7.62%.

Xu told reporters that this year's annual meeting to convey a gratifying phenomenon: after the market to temper the loom production enterprises are now more rational, they no longer blindly pursue production, but more emphasis on product quality. In production planning arrangements, to stabilize the quality of the premise to increase production. The enterprise has the choice to carry on the sale, does not receive the lower grade product order. In this way, you can see that in the past the maximum in the market, there are problems through after-sales service to solve the business philosophy is gradually changing, enterprises in the premise of guaranteeing quality, according to process arrangements, staffing, equipment, and then increase production, more mature in the market competition.

Customs statistics show that in January-May this year, weaving machinery imports about 181 million U.S. dollars, year-on-year growth of 19.18%, exports of about 141 million U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decline of 10.88%. In the first quarter of this year, with the international major textile machinery Import market Financial policy to restore stability, Water-jet looms, Air-jet loom exports also began to grow, including a total of 1803 Water-jet loom exports, the year-on-year increase of 33.45%, a total of 543 air-jet loom exports, year-on-year growth of 10.589%. Rapier loom, including ordinary rapier loom, a total of 2893 units, 25.5%, one of the reasons is the international major import market for common rapier loom demand decline. On the import side, the domestic high speed rapier loom has the obvious substitution function to the foreign high speed rapier loom, the domestic spraying water, the Air-jet loom faces the foreign high-end model challenge.

Xu analysis, in 2016, imported Air-jet loom accounted for 40% of the domestic Air-jet loom market, rapier loom accounted for 25.4%, although compared with the same period in 2015, respectively, 7% and 4.4%, but still very high. In 2017, the 1-5-month import of rapier looms increased by 58%, with imports from Belgium increasing by 19%, imports from Italy increased by 285%, and imports from Germany increased by 72%. This shows that the domestic equipment in stability, reliability, consistency needs to be further improved.

For the second half of this year weaving machinery industry market situation, Xu said, the enterprise view is different, the argument is also inconsistent. Most companies believe that at present not see the more obvious positive, the second half of the increase to slow, but because the first half of the increase is relatively large, so the year to maintain stable growth is basically achievable.

Niche market targeting high-end

"China's textile machinery is always learning, in progress, but also should be soberly aware that we have to constantly adjust to adapt to environmental protection, energy-saving requirements." In addition, weaving machinery also faces the challenge of nonwoven and knitting to replace part of weaving process, which is difficult to develop. Wang Shutian believes that in recent years, textile enterprises in the realization of equipment automation, intelligence has made great achievements, but the weaving equipment performance is not obvious, this also needs the weaving machine production enterprise joint efforts, together.

In order to promote the development of the industry, we need to be aware of the level of weaving machinery in China. Xu told reporters, in 2016 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition, according to experts on the evaluation of domestic weaving machine equipment, large V-type bobbin rack warping machine has become the development trend of warping machine, after several years of research, the domestic "big V-type bobbin rack warping machine" has reached a higher level, can fully meet the requirements of all types of products, the next direction is to develop high automation, intelligent products to meet the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, reduce labor requirements Domestic sizing machine with foreign products as in lean manufacturing, intelligent, information production management applications have great progress, whether domestic equipment or imported equipment, have reached a very high level of technology, can fully meet the requirements of the weaving of various fabrics at present; domestic rapier loom has reached international level in product adaptability, but it still needs to be improved in reliability and consistency. Although domestic air-jet looms have obvious progress, but compared with the major foreign manufacturers (Toyota, will Gatorade, Jin Tsudakoma), in high-speed, efficient, Variety adaptability, equipment intelligence, automation and other areas there is room for progress, high-speed, weaving navigation system, intelligent weaving workshop, reduce the energy consumption of loom, improve the function and stability of electronic control system, reliability is the future direction; domestic Water-jet looms in speed, suitable weaving varieties, machine manufacturing process level, such as progress is obvious, but the core of electronic control technology and equipment reliability, durability needs to be improved, the need for domestic water-jet loom enterprises to increase research and development efforts to improve the level of parts and assembly accuracy, improve reliability Open device, high-speed electronic dobby, automatic access to the machine, automatic through the machine also need to intensify the development of relevant enterprises.

Part of the weaving machine business owner said that the current market requirements loom further to high-speed, efficient, automated, intelligent direction of development, the stability, adaptability and other requirements to improve. In the aspect of intelligence, realizing the warping of the front yarn, yarn to the back of the weaving, fabric inspection of the interconnection, for the enterprise to lay a solid foundation for unmanned workshop, focusing on the process of weaving the problem of yarn breakage, the realization of transportation automation, process intelligence, from yarn detection to automatic inspection is the direction of efforts. Enterprises should carefully subdivide the market, research user needs, targeted design research and development, and good customer service, in the fierce market competition to seize the opportunity.

Adhere to the bottom line self-discipline development

Wang Shutian said that weaving machinery manufacturing is very difficult, the need for industry enterprises to actively advocate and practice the industry self-discipline, to confirm the rules, to reach a consensus, to keep the bottom line. Because for enterprises, if there is no bottom line, then short-term may be profitable, but long-term will be damaged.

Xu said: "In recent years, through the weaving machinery industry enterprise's joint efforts, China's weaving field equipment level has been greatly improved, especially the cost-effective advantage of domestic and foreign market share increased year." But also should see, compared with other domestic textile machinery major, in recent years our country loom enterprise in product research and development, science and technology innovation investment is not enough, some enterprises to market development, light product development. This has nothing to do with the homogenization of products and vicious competition. In order to seize the market, individual enterprises at a low price to sell the way, resulting in serious capital occupation, lower profits, unable to invest in research and development. Therefore, the 2016 annual meeting of Weaving Machinery Branch will be "regulating market behavior, resisting vicious competition" as the main issue, the participating enterprises reached a consensus, the principle through the "Enterprise self-discipline Convention." This January 7, held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the main rapier loom production enterprises to standardize market behavior Seminar, the implementation of the Enterprise Self-discipline Convention. Shandong daily Hair and Qingdao day a red flag two enterprises in charge of the active contact exchanges, the sale of Air-jet loom first payment ratio, etc. to reach agreement.

Xu said that the enterprise self-discipline convention in the past one years, rapier loom major enterprises have signed a self-discipline convention, the enterprise basically in accordance with the Convention of self-discipline implementation. Since last November, the high-end rapier loom market has been to good, the product in short supply, so most of the Rapier loom enterprise sales first payment and balance recovery period is higher than the self-discipline convention requirements, so this year received less complaints of unfair competition. Shandong daily Hair and Qingdao day a red flag two Air-jet loom Enterprise agreement, also basically according to the agreement implementation.

Xu said that the association will work hard to lead and serve the industry in the future. He put forward three suggestions: first, the company responsible for more communication, more exchanges, change opponents for friends; second, small enterprises should realistically position products according to their actual situation, do differentiated products, do not seek quantity output value, but to seek quality and efficiency, the third is the enterprise to unity, joint venture to win.