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Half Prudent And Half Optimistic, The Chinese Textile Machinery Industry Is Steadily Advancing.

May 06, 2018

In 2018, the operation of the textile machinery industry is still expected to be in a relatively stable state. Many industry and enterprises are more optimistic about the situation in 2018, but Wang Shutian, President of the China Textile Machinery Association, hopes that the enterprises can clearly realize that there are still many shortcomings in the development of the textile machinery industry. We are still on the top of the mountain, but we still have a lot of work to do before we go to the top.

"The textile machinery industry in 2017 is still developing steadily, and there has been no sudden rise, nor has there been any explosive or subversive thing." Looking back over the past year's work and industry operation, Wang Shutian, President of the China Textile Machinery Association, believes that the development of the textile industry has always been in a big direction, and the different market environment has changed every year.

Highlight the R & D advantages under the market change

Wang Shutian said that the rapid development of China's textile industry has brought a very good market opportunity for the development of the textile machinery industry. However, the current textile industry is no longer the pursuit of the continuation of the quantity, but more emphasis on the pursuit of quality and efficiency, thus making a completely different demand for textile equipment. For example, a few years ago, when Chinese textile was showing the global competitive advantage, with the weakening of the labor force and the obvious decline in the price comparative advantage, the competitive advantage of low cost is rapidly changing to rely on the advantages of technology and innovation. To this end, we have to sell part of the market to the textile industry with more cost advantages in Southeast Asia and other places. As a result, the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry first requires the equipment manufacturing industry.

Reducing the cost of labor needs to improve the quality and production per unit time, for example, the realization of continuous, automated and digitized processes between the processes, and the more important mission of the machine in these fields. In recent years, textile machinery enterprises have also sought breakthroughs in these areas, reducing the participation of people in the entire production process and optimizing the whole system. In addition, many enterprises have made efforts to improve the efficiency of the single machine and reduce energy consumption; in addition, it is out of the environmental demand to find new ways of green manufacturing, reduce the discharge of waste water, waste gas and waste; rammed and propelling intelligent manufacturing, appealed to national policy support, and strengthened its own advantages and so on. No matter how specific the form is, textile machinery enterprises are following the market demand for R & D, so as to achieve their own value as much as possible, and retain industrial advantages.

Three significant features to shape international competitiveness

The change in the market environment has brought about the change of the industry. In 2017, Wang Shutian believes that the most obvious feature of the spinning machine industry is to carry out the adjustment of industrial structure. This is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

The first is the adjustment of the regional structure. Although we have made many efforts, many advantages still can not be guaranteed, and we need to shift to more competitive power in the international market. Domestic industrial transfer is also proceeding simultaneously, moving towards a more suitable place for industrial development and access to raw materials.

The second is the change of industrial structure. With the rapid development of private enterprises, the market share of state-owned textile machinery enterprises is decreasing.

The third is the adjustment of the product structure. In the past, the enterprises that win by scale and quantity have basically disappeared. At present, most enterprises produce equipment with high efficiency, good reliability, strong variety adaptability and good system controllability, and combine with the Internet.

Around the above changes, the spinning machine industry also has a new mode of operation, for example, the establishment of the textile industry intelligent manufacturing system solution supplier alliance, and the alliance with the TD alliance, the enterprise supplier alliance, which proves that the textile industry uses external forces to break the traditional development ideas and seek economic and technological innovation in common. Enjoy, more open.

The second major characteristics of the textile machinery industry in 2017 are technological innovation. In Wang Shutian's view, the technological progress of the textile machinery industry in 2017 has been reflected in all aspects, and is no longer a mere pursuit of market share. From the point of view of the innovation system, the production, learning and research of many enterprises are promoted smoothly. The textile enterprises are talking about how to make better use of their own technology to adapt to the market. Each product is more individualized and differentiated, and the whole industry has higher technical gold content.

At the same time, the intelligent manufacturing project of textile machinery industry will effectively organize research institutions, users and equipment factories, and invest more in research and development. All kinds of rational development make the industry competition in a new benign state.

The remarkable improvement of industry self-discipline is another major feature of the textile machinery industry in 2017. "Today, there are less and less vicious competition like the past. Even if there is a competition, everyone is trying to find a better solution. This is an important performance of the overall quality of the industry." Wang Shutian said that in 2017, the Textile Machinery Association set up four textile machinery industry associations to build a platform for solving problems.

Talking about the work of the 2017 Textile Machinery Association, Wang Shutian believes that the most commendable thing is the promotion and implementation of the intelligent manufacturing project. It is understood that in 2017, the Ministry of textile machinery industry has been approved by the Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) most, and it can not be ignored in promoting the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure. In addition, the application of new technology has expanded to more areas, such as national defense, industrial use and so on.

Follow the demand of the market to meet the new challenge