How Does A Loom Machine Work

- Sep 19, 2018-

The basic feature common to shuttleless loomsis that the weft yarn package is separated from the shuttle, or only a small amount of weft yarn is used to replace the large and heavy shuttle with a small and light weft feeder, which provides favorable conditions for high-speed weft insertion. . In the supply of the weft yarn, the package is directly used to enter the weft insertion mechanism through the weft storage device, so that the weaving machine can get rid of the frequent weft insertion movement.

The use of shuttleless looms is important for increasing fabric varieties, adjusting fabric structure, reducing fabric defects, improving fabric quality, reducing noise, and improving working conditions. The shuttleless loom has a high speed and is usually 4-8 times more efficient than the shuttle loom. Therefore, the large-area promotion and application of the shuttleless loom can greatly improve labor productivity.

Due to the perfect structure of the shuttleless looms and the wide range of materials selected, as well as the processing precision, coupled with the development of the world's science and technology, electronic technology, microelectronics control technology gradually replaces mechanical technology, shuttleless looms The manufacturing is a combination of metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical and fluid power, and integrates electronic technology, computer technology, precision machinery technology and textile technology.

The air jet loom detects the total tension of the warp yarn through a tension sensor, and the warp tension change that occurs when the CPU controls the opening, the loosening, the warp, and the warp diameter of the warp beam, thereby ensuring the warp precision and maintaining a constant tension of the warp yarn. Because the air jet loom uses microcomputer technology and other electronic technologies to control the movement of the whole machine, especially the automatic monitoring of product quality, the production efficiency of the air jet loom is greatly improved. At the same time, the requirements of the air-jet looms for electronic control systems are getting higher and higher, not only for high performance, good stability, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, but also to adapt to the environment of high temperature, high humidity, hairiness and dust. There are also strong anti-interference requirements for power fluctuations and group interference.

The development of weaving machinery products has the following characteristics:

1. Computer control technology and electronic jacquard technology have been widely used in various types of knitting machinery products. They are used in circular weft knitting machines, flat knitting machines, socks machines, artificial fur machines and warp knitting warping machines, which have filled China for many years. In this space, the realization of electronic jacquard, improved the technical level of the machine, so that some models reached the international advanced level in the 1990s. China's circular weft machine, sock machine, and flat knitting machine computer control system have been adopted for batch production.

2. The product variety specification series has been fully upgraded and developed to both ends. For example, the largest diameter of the circular weft machine can reach 38, 40 inches, the machine number can reach E36, the warp knitting machine can reach 180 inches, and the machine number can reach E32. The maximum size of the computerized flat knitting machine can reach 60 inches, and the machine number can reach E18.

3. Enhance the versatility and versatility of the machine. For example, the four-needle, loop and weft-side single-side machine in single-sided circular weft machine can be converted to each other, and one machine can be used more. Within a certain range, the same machine has different specifications. The syringes can be exchanged for each other to achieve multi-standard use; mechanical jacquard and electronic jacquard machines can be converted and so on.