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How To Determine The Rapier Loom Beam Position?

Oct 19, 2017

Rapier loom beam can be adjusted up and down, but also before and after the adjustment, in order to adjust the length of warp and warp shed back to the surrounding angle. In general, different varieties of weaving fabric, with different beam position.

1, usually in weaving yarn fabric, the middle.

2, weaving fine yarn and high density fabric when roll forward, warp tension increase, is conducive to the opening and cleaning shed to decrease warp beams surrounded by angle, reduce friction, reduce the warp breakage.

3, weaving thick yarn fabric after dyed back, in order to increase the beam of warp tension surrounded by angle, uniform, smooth crisp fabric, but the back moving too much, the operator is not convenient.

4, back beam height and chest beam are equal, the upper and lower warp tension, the formation of tension in the shed. Rapier looms with high speed, large tension, wide cloth width and equal tension. Influence the appearance quality and style of cloth surface.

5, the higher than the breast beam, the upper warp tension, lower warp tension, the formation of unequal tension shed. Weft warp crossing angle, large of weft weft surrounded by angle, so the displacement is small, beating area is small, is conducive to tighten the weft, suitable for plain high density fabric, cloth is plump.

6, the lower thoracic beam, the upper warp tension, lower warp tension, but also the formation of unequal tension shed. It is suitable for twill fabric, which can make fabric front lines clear.