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How To Reduce The Weaving Defects Of Air-jet Loom

Aug 28, 2017

The common defects of the fabric produced by Air-jet loom are mainly weft contraction, hundred feet, double weft and sparse dense road, these common defects are the main factors affecting the weaving efficiency of air-jet loom. Netizens have analyzed the causes of these defects, and put forward corresponding solutions, hoping to enlighten us.
Weft shrinkage
Compressed air is not pure, very easy to cause gas road plugging, so that the gas pressure is not stable, weft flight uneven and form weft contraction. Trachea, joints, regulating valves and other air parts leakage caused by air pressure instability, will also affect the normal flight of weft. --Hey, Kung fu.
Stop yarn needle release time is improper, nozzle solenoid valve Opening and closing time is not allowed, nozzle pressure is too high or too low, will cause the weft before the flight crowded, weft can not be straight over the shuttle mouth and cause weft contraction; the right side of the hinge closed time late, the weft is not caught in time, the weft is retracted, the weft-insertion time is too early, the opening height is not enough, so the weft shrinkage is increased. Conversely, the weft is too late, the filling angle is too late, the opening height is relatively small, the weft head end and the warp collide, resulting in weft In addition, the injection time with improper combination will also form weft contraction.
The temperature and humidity of the workshop is low, the elasticity between the fibers is relatively enhanced, the friction force decreases, and the twisting-back torsion increases to form the weft contraction.
Resolution measures
Compressed air is not pure can be installed in the air inlet double layer filter NET, filter the net regular cleaning and maintenance; the moisture on the fabric should check whether the drying system is normal or not. In the daily maintenance, we should carefully use the ultrasonic vibration instrument to clean the solenoid valve.
At the beginning of the machine must be in accordance with the requirements of the process to adjust the full box and the opening of the movement, and in the adjustment of the box to pay attention to the two sides of the process consistency. The wire rope on the jet loom of the tread opening is a flexible carrier which is easy to be stretched under the condition of motion. General Weekly Check the height of the box, so that not only can eliminate the effect of wire rope is stretched, but also to eliminate the operation mechanic, on the mechanic due to frequent on machine, bad car maintenance, improper adjustment and resulting in a comprehensive box uneven or incorrect height caused by Bing shrinkage.
Workshop temperature and humidity instability, so that the performance of warp and weft yarn, the impact of the clarity of the shuttle, to adjust in time, general air jet loom temperature 22℃~26℃, relative humidity between 72%~78%.
Double weft
Weft the rebound spring of the gauze needle is ineffective, which causes the angle of the stop yarn to open and fall is inaccurate and unstable, the weft is easy to get out of the gauze needle, the yarn is not centered on the yarn-storage drum, the weft is slid out from the storage drum, and the distance from the weft to the pressurized nozzle is too close, and the weft is swung violently from the weft. It is easy to throw out from the retaining yarn, the pressure nozzle fails to aim at the center of the weft collector, the irregular yarn circle, and the incorrect position angle of the main nozzle will result in double weft defects.
Resolution measures
Replace the weft-retaining thread spring; Replace the retaining yarn needle, adjust the distance of the weft collector to the pressurized nozzle, or add the air coil breaker, adjust the height and angle of the weft to the appropriate position, replace the repaired left scissors, press the positive turn button to check, the yarn can not have the weft nap phenomenon.
Hundred feet
The yarn strength is not enough, the yarn thickness is uneven, the weft detector is dirty, the sensitivity is reduced, the defect of the foot is produced, the main nozzle is normal pressure, and the weft is blown in the main nozzle. Driving the first weft, on the right side of the cloth to form a broken weft, the main and auxiliary nozzle pressure, weft details are blown off; block in the processing of the stop, not as required to seriously operation, such as should be drawn out of the broken weft caused by the defect of hundred feet.
Resolution measures
The general weft twist coefficient is relatively small, the yarn strength is lower, twist increases 5%~9%, can have
Effective reduction of weft breakage, use of rotor spinning can effectively reduce the yarn details; To strengthen the overhaul of weft insertion device, to clean up the flying of the weft detector in time, to reduce the normal pressure of the main nozzle, the nozzle pressure in the case of the weft can pass through the small control, strengthen technical training, improve block work responsibility, strict implementation of the Operation law.
Thin Secret Road
The displacement of the weaving mouth. When the loom stops, the cloth and the warp are all subjected to a larger upper machine tension, at which time the weaving mouth is detached from the reed, due to warp creep and relaxation, the weaving mouth deviation from its normal weaving when the corresponding position, the size of the deviation with the length of the stop time and change, when driving again, if the location of the weaving mouth improper treatment, on the cloth form a dense road. In addition, the number of idle trains, thorn ring tension, coiling mechanism winding tension is insufficient, will also make the weaving mouth displacement.
The equipment is in bad condition. As the loom runs continuously for a long time, some mechanical parts, parts gradually appear wear or even failure, and the movement accuracy is reduced, or the first weft after driving is insufficient, failed to fully penetrate the first weft weaving mouth, or in the break yarn when the brake is not enough, there is weft vacancy and the trouble caused by the delivery of the scriptures.
Resolution measures
Reduce shutdown frequency. Shutdown is the main cause of the dense road, improve the quality of semi-finished products to reduce the shutdown is the most effective way to reduce the defects of dense road. The block should be treated in time to prevent the formation of the defects of the sparse dense road, or the automatic processing device of weft ends can shorten the weft stopping time and eliminate the sparse dense road.