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How To Use Rapier Loom

Jun 23, 2018

1, boot, press the start button.

2, normal parking, press the stop button, do not press the emergency stop button.

3, abnormal circumstances can not press the emergency stop button, emergency stop will affect the quality of the cloth.

4. It is forbidden to touch the kendo when driving and to bring the wheel with the sword. It is forbidden that any debris will hinder the sword belt from weft insertion and the sword belt wheel rotation on the kendo.

5, The person with too long hair should tie his hair and wear a hat to prevent him from being involved in the beating axis.

6, when the broken yarn is stopped, the parking button must be pressed to connect the yarn.

Today's rapier looms have adopted highly integrated electronic technology and use software to control the operation of the loom. Therefore, after the loom is properly debugged, it is relatively simple to use because it can itself collect the loom through sensors. The information is given instructions for the situation judgment. Therefore, the loom adjusts the cloth surface. After the power is turned on, the personnel do not touch the mechanical rotating part, so there is no problem.

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