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How To Use Rapier Loom

Sep 19, 2018

1, boot, press the start button.

2, normal parking, press the stop button, do not press the emergency stop button.

3, abnormal conditions should not be pressed by the emergency stop button. The emergency stop will affect the quality of the cloth.

4. Don't touch the rapier and belt wheels while driving, and prohibit any impurities from obstructing the weft insertion and rotation of the belt wheels on the rapier.

5, if the hair is too long, you should wear a good hair and a hat to avoid getting involved in the beating axis.

6, when the yarn is broken and stopped, the first stop is to press the stop button, then the yarn is picked up.

Now rapier looms have adopted highly integrated electronic technology, using software to control the loom work, so after the general loom debugging, it is relatively simple to use, because it itself can collect the loom operation information through sensors, judgment of the situation and give instructions.