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How To Use The Internet Of Things To Promote Intelligent Textiles?

May 09, 2018

Internet of Things (IOT), as one of the core driving forces of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, is the core infrastructure to promote the realization of digital, network and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Deepening the application of the Internet of things in the textile industry is of great significance for promoting the high quality development and intelligent transformation of the industry.

The so-called Internet of things (IOT) refers to an intelligent service system that can handle and react to the physical and virtual world information by perceiving equipment, according to the agreed agreement, connecting objects, people, systems and information resources. As the extension and development of the Internet and mobile Internet, the Internet of things makes the range of network terminals extended from high processing computers, mobile phones to low processing terminals and even general items, realizing a larger, more efficient, and more accurate link between people and people, people and things, objects and objects.

As an important component of China's modern economic system, the realization of the high quality development of the textile industry is the objective requirement of the industrial reality and the economic law, and is also a realistic choice to adapt to the new situation and to cope with the transformation of the main contradictions. The textile industry promotes the development of high quality, facing 3 barriers, namely, power, quality and efficiency.

To break through the three major juncture, we need to deepen the application of the Internet of things in the textile industry, and speed up the transition of the Internet of things from the shallow tools and products to the infrastructure and key elements of reconstructing the value chain. With the Internet of things as the infrastructure, it integrates information technology such as large data, cloud computing, block chain and artificial intelligence, through all links of textile value chain, and promotes the optimal allocation of factor resources. In the direction of intelligent production, intelligent operation, intelligent products and intelligent service, the intelligent manufacturing system of textile industry based on the Internet of things is built, and the intelligent transformation is promoted.

Promoting intelligent production

Strengthening the application of Internet of things in textile machinery, developing advanced textile manufacturing equipment with deep perception, intelligent decision-making and automatic execution, improving the level of information technology of equipment, taking the whole process of production and operation of enterprises as the eye point, constructing intelligent production line and intelligent factory step by step, realizing from product design to Sales of all links resources efficient flow and docking, to ensure the stability and efficiency of product production.

Promoting intelligent operation

Connecting the RFID and other Internet of things with the management information system such as ERP, PLM, CRM and SCM so as to seamlessly dock the upstream and downstream supply chain of the supply chain, realize the intelligent operation and fine management of the enterprise, promote synergy in the enterprise and supply chain cooperation, and realize the open innovation. We should make full use of the high permeability of Internet of things technology to realize the wide interconnection and interconnection between industries in the upstream and downstream areas, breaking the "information island" and promoting integrated innovation. Taking the responsibility transparency and the responsibility capitalization as the main line, using the Internet of things technology to carry out the traceability of products, chemicals, water, energy and so on, and improve the green manufacturing capability.

Promoting intelligent products and services

In the product, equipment, process and service, the technology of Internet of things is applied to collect and accumulate data from the Internet of things in depth, to promote the transfer of industrial value to data based service, and to realize manufacturing service. We should develop a new mode of sharing economy and constantly enrich the content of services. Build the Internet of things platform, bring into play the cluster effect and network effect of the platform, and innovate and develop new formats such as crowdsourcing, collaborative manufacturing, intelligent service and so on. The sensor, communication, artificial intelligence technology and textile technology are combined to speed up the development of intelligent products, make the product become the entrance of service, and guide the manufacturing enterprises to change from production type manufacturing to "manufacturing + service" "product + service".