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Industry Experts Focus On China's Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Development Strategy

May 06, 2018

In January 30th, the consulting and research project of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the summary of the research on the development strategy of the textile industry in China was held at the Donghua University in Shanghai, Sun Jinliang, Yu Jianyong, Zhou Xiang, Jiang Shicheng of the Chinese Academy of engineering, vice president of the China Textile Industry Association and Li Ling, President of the China Textile Industry Association. Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Department of consumer goods industry of the Ministry of industry and information, and Wang Yuanjing, the two Bureau inspector of the Chinese Academy of engineering, as well as the leaders and experts from the chemical fiber, cotton, printing and dyeing, textile machinery and other industries, and the members of the project group.

Academician Sun Jinliang briefly introduced the situation of the project, and academician Yu Jianyong introduced the main contents and achievements of the research report. The research report outlines the background of the project research, the status of intelligent manufacturing technology and the significance of the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry, summarizes the practical activities of the textile industry in our country, and sums up the basic paradigm of the textile intelligent manufacturing. The report gives the strategic orientation, development ideas and strategic objectives of textile intelligent manufacturing in the future. It lists several textile intelligent manufacturing standards, common technology and intelligent textile equipment technology. The six major projects, such as textile intelligent production technology based on CPS, are given the objectives and promotion plans respectively. A number of policy recommendations have been put forward to promote textile intelligent manufacturing.

In the discussion, the leaders and experts highly appraised the work of the project group and the significance of the project to the development of textile intelligent manufacturing in China, and put forward some specific suggestions and suggestions to improve and improve it. In his speech, President Li Lingshen said that intelligent manufacturing is an important task for the textile "13th Five-Year" plan. The research project has a good guiding significance to the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry in the future. It is hoped that the project report can comb out the operational and replicable technical roadmap of the intelligent manufacturing technology in the key areas and do a good job in enterprise intelligence. It can create input-output analysis of the project, establish the evaluation system and assessment index of the intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry, and solve the important concerns in the implementation process of the enterprise.