Machine Substitution: Upgrading Of Traditional Industries, Upgrading And Upgrading Of Textile Industry.

- Apr 01, 2018-

With the rise of labor prices, the labor cost of textile enterprises is increasing. It is the inevitable choice for the optimization and upgrading of China's textile industry and the sustained economic growth to promote the traditional industry with modern and automatic equipment and promote the technological dividend instead of the demographic dividend. "Machine replacement" is to promote the traditional industry with "modernized and automated" equipment, and to achieve the goal of "reducing staff, increasing efficiency, improving quality and ensuring safety", and improving the quality and level of enterprise development.

Automatic cotton (wool) machine

With the development of spinning to multi-component and multicolor fiber blending, how to make all kinds of fibers (or color) mixed evenly is an important prerequisite for spinning yarn. Using the digital intelligent automatic mixer and the wool machine to replace the artificial mixed cotton (wool) method, the multi component (multi color) raw material can not only achieve the full and uniform effect, but also reduce the labor 2/3.

Carding unit

The carding unit is a mature advanced technology, which has omitted the cotton cleaner and the cotton roll carrier. At the same time, the carding worker can expand the number of lines and save more than 50% of the workers for not changing the cotton rolls manually. The self leveling device installed on the carding machine can effectively control the difference of the weight of the sliver, and it is very favorable to improve the length uniformity of the yarn, and the cotton after opening the cotton is always open. Feeding carding machine under loose condition can not only improve carding degree and reduce fiber damage, but also have a positive effect on reducing neps in carding sliver.

Automatic tube drawing for leveling,

When the drawing machine adopts self adjusting and leveling technology, the automatic control is realized online. At the same time, the single merge process is adopted in the spinning of cotton combed yarn, and the spun blended yarn can be changed from the original three side strip to two. As the number of the drawing machine decreases, the labor force can be saved 1/2 to 1/3, and the energy consumption can be reduced. With the drawing frame of the automatic tube changing device, the device can automatically change the tube 3 times without stopping the machine, so that the windshield can be exchanged for one hour, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but also expands the capacity of the stand.

Automatic doffing roving machine and thickness combination technology

The roving of the roving from the roving machine is transported directly to the roving frame of the spinning frame through the automatic control sprocket transport system, and the empty roving pipe used by the spinning frame is returned to the roving machine. It can not only reduce the number of truck drivers, but also reduce the roving defects of the artificial doffing, and improve the yarn quality.

Automatic doffing spinning machine and automatic doffing trolley

Spinning is the most working procedure for spinning. The automatic and intelligent operation of the collective automatic spinning frame has been realized, which not only reduces the use of the yarn, but also effectively improves the production efficiency. Intelligent spinning trolley is a new technique to reduce the labor intensity of the workers and reduce the yarn workers. It can save about 50% of the labor force, and the cost of transformation is less. It is welcomed by small and medium enterprises with weak economic strength.

Automatic winder and double twister

The tray type automatic winder realizes automatic transportation of the yarn tube, automatic output of the empty bobbin, automatic transporting of the bobbin and so on, so that the operation of the winding process is reduced greatly, and the superiority of the "machine changing" is fully presented. The high speed large volume doubling twister has omitted the winding process after twisting, and also saved about 50% of the yarn winder, which is also conducive to the improvement of yarn quality.

Intelligent on-line inspection and control equipment for different fiber

The foreign fiber in cotton is also known as "three silk". If it can not be effectively removed during spinning, it will seriously affect the quality of yarn and final product. Using the principle of digital imaging, the device can effectively replace the method of artificial picking out the raw cotton with the method of different fiber in the specific light source. It has realized the "machine generation" and saved a lot of manpower.

Rotor spinning and swirl spinning

Compared with rotor spinning, jet swirl spinning and ring spinning, it has many advantages such as short spinning process, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and low energy consumption. The cost of working cost is about 1000 yuan / ton lower than that of ring spinning.

In short, we need to increase the strength of the new spinning technology, speed up technological transformation and achieve the goal of machine substitution.