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Proper Use Of Bearing In Spindle Housing Of Braiding Machine

Nov 15, 2018

As a special textile bearing, spindle bearing has a special structure. It is a high-speed precision bearing with pure radial load and adopts the structure of single row centripetal short cylindrical roller without inner ring. The assembled integral bearing is still in the open state. Considering the needs of assembly, packaging, transportation and user reassembly, a special anti-rust oil is mainly used in spindle bearings at present. It not only has good anti-rust performance, but also ensures that the bearing is not easy to occur loose particles when it enters the final user assembly link. Due to the use of single-row centripetal short cylindrical roller, the series bearings have strong rigidity, bearing large radial load; high manufacturing accuracy, flexible rotation, stability, low noise, and adapt to high-speed operation; simple structure, low power consumption; convenient maintenance.

The correct use of spindle bearings is as follows:

Firstly, the bearing of high-speed braiding machine will be affected by the size, shape and accuracy of bearing assembly holes, and it can not give full play to the best performance. For example, if the dimension accuracy and shape accuracy of the bearing seat inner hole are not good enough, the bearing outer ring will be deformed and the bearing inner hole roundness will deteriorate; if the shoulder accuracy is not good, the bearing outer ring and roller will be inclined, the concentrated load will be aggravated, the bearing fatigue life will be reduced, and the cage will be damaged and sintered more seriously. If the accuracy of the spindle bearing gear of the bearing inner ring is not good, such as the accuracy of size, roundness, cylindricity, waviness, roughness, position, etc., the vibration value of the whole set of spindles will obviously increase.

Secondly, complete sets of bearings undergo strict and precise matching before assembly, so the scattered bearing parts can not be used interchangeably without re-measuring and matching before users use them.

Third, about the cleaning of spindle bearings and spindle feet. Because of the compact structure of the ingot foot, there are many other parts in the ingot foot cavity, and their cleanliness will also affect the cleanliness of the bearing working cavity. Therefore, it is reasonable to adopt the technology of pre-cleaning the ingot foot parts before assembly and fine cleaning the ingot foot of assembly including bearings after assembly.

Fourthly, the bearing should not be bumped and impacted when assembling. The bumping and impacting will easily cause the collision between bearing parts, which will lead to the failure of the bearing.

Fifth, attention should be paid to controlling the angle and intensity of edge rolling to avoid the deformation and failure of bearing parts caused by unreasonable edge rolling.

Sixth, for bearings that have exceeded the anti-rust period or have been stored for a long time, there may be rusting or sticking of the rollers due to the drying up of the anti-rust oil.

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