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September Cotton Textile Market Production And Sales Steady, Cotton Textile Industry Gradually Warmer

Jul 06, 2018

According to the survey data of one organization, the yarn output in the month has been slightly increased by 0.03%, of which the proportion of pure cotton yarn is 71.01%, 0.07 percentage points less than that of last month, the proportion of blended yarn is 23.12%, the last month is 0.07 percentage points higher than that of last month; the output of cotton yarn is reduced by 0.13%, of which the proportion of pure cotton cloth is reduced by 0.15 percentage points. In that month, yarn sales rate was 94.88%, down 0.23 percentage points from last month. At the end of the month, yarn inventory was about 19 days, unchanged from last month, and inventory of grey cloth was about 25 days, an increase of 1 days from last month.

At the end of the month, the standard lint price was about 15996 yuan / ton, up by 80 yuan / ton compared with the end of August, or about 0.50%. The average monthly price of homemade 18.22 tex cotton yarn was 23263 yuan per ton, up 247 yuan from August, up about 1.07%, and the average monthly price of pure cotton yarn of imported yarn 18.22tex was 23255 yuan / ton, which fell by 33 yuan and 0.14% compared with last month. At the end of the month, the spot price of imported yarn was lower than that of domestic yarn by 339 yuan / ton.

In September, cotton stock increased significantly in textile enterprises. According to the inventory of cotton and the amount of cotton used by the surveyed enterprises, the number of cotton industry inventory in the national textile enterprises was about 83.60 tons by the end of September 30th, which was 126 thousand and 100 tons more than that in the end of August. Among them, 21% reduced the stock of cotton in the warehouse, 43% increased the stock of cotton in the warehouse, and 36% of the stock of spinning enterprises remained basically stable.

In the same month, the proportion of cotton used in Xinjiang cotton declined slightly. According to the survey, Xinjiang cotton accounted for 72.55% of the total cotton consumption, which was 1.23 percentage points lower than that of last month. Of the surveyed enterprises, 26% increased the proportion of Xinjiang cotton, 24% of the enterprises reduced the proportion of Xinjiang cotton, and 50% of the enterprises maintained stability. The proportion of imported cotton used by textile enterprises increased from last month. According to the survey, the proportion of imported cotton used by textile enterprises was 13.08%, an increase of 0.41 percentage points from the previous month. 7% of the enterprises surveyed increased the proportion of imported cotton, 14% reduced the proportion of imported cotton, and 79% of the enterprises used the same proportion.

In September 2017, China exported about 23 billion 750 million US dollars in textile and apparel, an increase of 4.33% compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 9.64%. In the 1-9 month of 2017, China exported 199 billion 788 million US dollars of textile and clothing, a decrease of 0.65% compared with the same period last year. Since this year, China's textile industry will continue to maintain a steady momentum of development, the main business income, profit and other key economic indicators will continue to maintain stable growth.

Overall, the textile industry has resumed this year, and the overall trend of cotton textile industry has improved. The spinning industry is better than the spinning process. This year, the market is more stable than last year, mainly due to the stability of national policies, thanks to the reasonable arrangement of cotton reserves. Since the arrival of the reserve cotton mill, the import of textile materials has decreased significantly, especially with the rising price of foreign cotton, the domestic textile industry has more prominent advantages.

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