The Difference Between Shuttle Loom And Shuttle-less Loom

- Aug 28, 2017-

1. The shuttle loom is a weaving machine which uses the traditional shuttle (wooden shuttle or plastic shuttle) weft insertion. The shuttle is large in volume and heavy in weight, and is repeatedly projected by the traffic, the machine vibrates greatly, the noise is high, the speed is slow, the efficiency is low.
2. The weft-insertion method of shuttle-less loom is various, including Rapier, Jet (Jet, water spray), projectile, multi spindle mouth (multiphase) and knitting.
3. About the edge and the light side of the problem? The light edge cloth is made by the shuttle loom, and the burrs are not woven (the rapier, jet, etc., some light side is the shuttle loom folded into the edge equipment do, and there is shuttle loom Light side difference in: Shuttle light edge weft to dismantle the yarn can be demolished dozens of meters, no shuttle light Bing to dismantle cloth can only remove the length of cloth. The flash cloth is more expensive than the light edge cloth.
4. Burrs are usually approved on the loom by scissors cut weft, forming burrs, such as jet, Rapier loom are formed burrs, and in the shuttle loom is the shuttle back and forth weft forming light edge, gripper loom using folded into the edge structure, also a form of light edge.
5. The flash is woven into the weaving machine, there is a cross edge will be woven such as the weft lock, cut the end of the yarn to leave the line. The edge of the light is weft weaving such as the back of the flight weaving, cloth without the yarn head.
6. Burrs generally refers to the cloth edge of a new loom (including spray, Jet, Rapier machine). Light side, is usually the old-fashioned shuttle loom production of fabrics. General customers will require flash fabric, because such a good quality of fabric (weaving machine). Light Edge fabric general old cotton mill and silk factory also. Silk fabric is mostly light edge fabric, some cotton, sticky fabric also have in doing!