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The First Cultural And Natural Heritage Day On The Eve Of The Hundred Looms In The West Lake Show The Charm Of The World

Aug 28, 2017

Early summer sun through the stretch of green leaves, finely sprinkle on the grass near the West Lake. When 100 small looms for homespun textile technology and 50 work stations for Joinery were presented in a matrix to the West Lake World Wide lawn, it became a playground for children and parents. Yes, this time it is more about the public experience than the previous show that stays in the museum. Hand-woven a handkerchief, or the effort to sawing a piece of wood, this seemingly simple hands, but contains the wisdom left by the ancestors.
"Haw-Haw, Mulan when the household weaving." "Mulan Speech" in the eternal, in the West Lake. Experience the scene, the reporter saw the provincial intangible heritage "Homespun Textile Technology" project representative successor Zheng Finland. The successor, who has been promoting homespun textile skills, has taught children to weave homespun covers with her newly improved loom in the China Wetland Museum in February this year. This time to provide visitors with the interaction of 100 looms, but also through her innovative and improved. "The traditional loom is big and cumbersome, learn weaving to be more than one years to learn, I improved this becomes lightweight and simple, even if the child can learn 3 minutes."