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The Importance Of The Shuttles

Dec 21, 2017

The shuttles are riveted by the shuttles and shuttle clips, which are the key equipment for the shuttle loom. To reduce the quality of the projectile, the light shell and carbon fiber shell two new projectile shell on the market.

With the improvement of the manufacturing level and the high efficiency and energy saving requirements proposed by the textile industry, the manufacturing technology of the shell shell is also developing. The smaller the mass of the shuttles, the smaller the energy needed for the shuttle to fly. In order to reduce the quality of the shuttles, there are two new shells of light shell and carbon fiber shell in the market. The inner cavity of a light shell is larger than that of a common shell. It reduces the quality of the shell on the premise of ensuring the clamping force required for the yarn clip. The carbon fiber shell is a shell made of carbon fiber. Its quality is only 1/4 of shell made of steel alloy material, and the tensile strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance of carbon fiber are several times better than that of steel alloy. In spite of the high price of carbon fiber, the shell is still welcomed by the market.