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The National Largest-scale Air-jet Loom High-grade Biomass Fabric Project Starts The Foundation

Aug 28, 2017

Tianshan Network (reporter Chen Report) August 6, Xinjiang Korla Economic and technological development zone, textile and clothing City 6000 Air-jet loom annual production capacity of 500 million meters high-grade biomass fabric project started the foundation ceremony held in the development zone.
The Secretary-General of China Textile Industry Federation and Chairman of China Textile International Productivity Co-operation Association Gaoyong attended the ceremony and spoke, the Deputy Secretary of State party committee and governor Tugje Kaph attended the ceremony and spoke. The State party Committee Standing Committee Kuerbanjiang¬∑Hutuleke attended the ceremony. The State party Committee Standing Committee, deputy Governor Wangjiuzong presided over the ceremony. Korla Economic and Technological Development Zone party Committee Deputy Secretary, director Gihong attended the ceremony and speech.
Reporter learned that korla economic and technological development zone, textile and clothing City 6000 Air-jet loom annual output of 500 million meters high-grade biomass fabric project, by Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Limited liability company, Jiangsu East Exhibition Investment Holding Group Limited liability company, Xinjiang branch of Construction Group Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Taichang Industrial Co., Ltd. Four companies jointly funded construction. Project total investment of 3.2 billion yuan, procurement of the world's most advanced Air-jet loom, the completion of 6000 Air-jet loom weaving production line, the formation of an annual output of 500 million meters of high-grade biomass fabric production capacity, at the same time supporting 200,000 spindles compact Siro spinning production line, 20,000 tons of special bio-base yarn twister and Cladding machine production line project. The project plan was fully completed and put into operation in August 2018. After the completion of the project, the normal annual sales income of about 3.8 billion yuan, the realization of profits of about 800 million yuan, the tax revenue of about 200 million yuan, driving employment of about 7000 people. The project can achieve 50,000 tons of bio-material yarn within the conversion appreciation, will also become the country's largest, most advanced high-grade biomass fabric production enterprises and China's recycled cellulose fiber high-grade fabric production base.
The start of the project, marking the development of Bazhou Cotton Series processing industry and a step forward, for all-round, deep, wide areas to undertake the mainland textile and apparel industry transfer, accelerate the advancement of the region's advantageous resources to transform the pace has very important practical significance.