To Show You The Difference Between The Rapier Loom And The Air-jet Loom

- Aug 28, 2017-

Edge Organization differentiates:

To differentiate from edges of edge organization:

1 usually the polyester-cotton line is the rapier (seam-lock device), and the filament is air-jet weaving (planetary gear).

2 Jet double open fabric, side for the line and the other side for filament. (in the middle of the sewing device, both sides of the planetary gear pack)

3 Rapier double open fabric, both sides of the yarn are polyester-cotton line (all for the sewing device).

Loom distinction

Rapier loom: The use of rigid or flexible rapier head, to bring clamping, guidance weft. Rapier loom In addition to the appropriate weaving plain and grain fabric, its characteristics are easy to change color, suitable for multi-color weft fabric, suitable for color weaving, double-layer velvet fabric, terry fabric and decorative fabric production.

Air-jet loom: The weft is pulled by a jet of compressed airflow, and the weft is carried over the spindle mouth. Air-jet loom is characterized by fast speed and high labor productivity, which is suitable for flat grain and grain fabric, fine density fabric and large volume fabric.

Grey fabric advantages and disadvantages

1. The Air-jet machine produces the fabric general fine yarn variety more, the variety block is higher, mainly is the thin-light fabric; The Rapier machine general coarse yarn variety is many, the variety is inferior, mainly is the thick fabric.

2. From the equipment, the jet and the rapier are different from the weft.

3. Weave the same fabric, raw materials cost of the same, weaving costs of low jet, such as twill, jet speed up to 800 rpm, the shaft only 180-200 turn around, the jet car personnel to see 10-12 units, and the shaft up to 4-6.

Commonness and the opposite sex

Generality: All are burrs, can be the same specifications

Opposite sex: Under the condition of yarn support and specification

① a little lighter. The flatness of ② jet flat fabric is better than that of rapier production. ③ Air-jet loom fabric shrinkage ratio will be larger. ④ Jet yarn quality is better than the rapier.