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Under Pressure, How To Highlight The Water Jet Loom

Aug 28, 2017

Since the 1990s, synthetic fiber simulation silk fabrics are favored by consumers, water jet looms especially suitable for the weaving of hydrophobic fabric, in the mean weft rate and efficiency, compared with other new looms have obvious advantages, so the rapid development, the current market volume of 400,000 units per month, annual output of 44.8 billion meters long silk fabrics, annual demand conservatively estimated around 30,000, the market demand is huge.
Wujiang Shengze Town in the history of "Sunrise million silk, clothing by the world" world-renowned, there are "silk are" laudatory name, is currently a water-jet weaving machine weaving Center, Shengze textile cluster about 250,000 units, the annual output of more than 25 billion meters.
Water jet loom because of its weaving characteristics, in the production process will inevitably produce waste water, 1 loom a day of average water consumption of about 2 tons, in the Water-jet weaving enterprises, at present only 10% have medium water treatment facilities, the remaining 90% enterprises wastewater directly discharged into the surrounding river, pollution environment.
June 9, with the Wujiang area water jet loom special Regulation Mobilization Conference convened, Wujiang area prohibition of any new Water-jet loom, it is expected that by the end of 2019, the total number of Water-jet looms in Wujiang area will be reduced from 342,000 to 238,000 units, the water reuse rate of 100%, which indicates that the path of economic development by sacrificing the environment has gone through, the Water-jet loom enterprises to survive, must be transformed and upgraded, from two path demand breakthrough.
1, technological process innovation, increase product value-added;
Low-grade low-quality fabrics lack the core competitiveness, enterprises need to break through the product process quality, improve the value of fabrics.
2. Build Intelligent factory, save cost and improve efficiency;
The weaving industry and large data, things network, intelligent equipment integration, reduce the cost of employing.