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Weft Insertion Form And Working Principle Of Rapier Loom

Oct 19, 2017

The rapier loom is divided into rigid rapier and flexible rapier two, as the name suggests, the rapier rigid rapier is rigid metal material, flexible rapier rapier is flexible bending, because the flexible rapier has the advantages of simple structure, small footprint, rapier loom now is the most flexible rapier.

The two kinds of rapier are generally composed of two parts: the weft feeding sword and the weft insertion sword. The weft insertion form is: the arrow as the carrier, the mechanical clamping, and the transfer weft insertion.

Working principle:

Weft weft feeding rapier head from side weft clamp the weft needle "handed out", into the shed, about in the middle position of the shed, weft weft receiving rapier head took the giver "handed out", will be pulled out of the shed weft, weft finish.

The weft rapier head is usually an open type with elastic pressure palm, and the weft clamp is held. The weft sword is slender and sharp, and it also has an elastic palm to hold the weft. When the weft is transferred, the weft insertion rapier head extends into the rapier head of the weft feed, and the weft is hooked, and the elastic pressing palm of the weft head is extruded to make the weft feeding rapier head release the weft yarn and complete the weft insertion handover. Out of the shed weft, weft receiving rapier head presser touch release block, the weft receiving rapier head relent release weft, weft finish.