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What Are The Common Problems Of Knitting Machines?

Sep 11, 2018

What are the common problems of knitting machines? The high-speed knitting machine factory summarizes the following:

1. Fabric complete edge structure: shuttle loom structure; weft tension control is the key.

2. Fabric thickness and width: Considering the influence of thickness on beating-up process, the opening should be clear and the shuttle height should be reserved adequately. The width of the fabric is currently 40 to 70mm, and the width of the loom should match the width of the fabric.

3. Warp tension control: The warp length is not consistent from the opening to the maximum height and the normal heald length. Because the glass fiber has no shrinkage, it is necessary to select appropriate warp tension control system, such as grinder tensioner, to control the yarn tension.

Four. The opening angle of the warp yarn is related to the opening angle of the warp and the height of the lift. The opening angle of the warp must be determined by the height of the heald opening, the distance of the reed movement and the height of the shuttle.

Five, nylon rope tightness control: it is intended to use nylon rope to connect heald and cylinder. Nylon rope will extend itself after a period of time due to its own characteristics. It is necessary to add bolts to connect nylon rope to adjust its tightness.

Six, weft tension control: the use of friction structure, yarn tension can be adjusted.

Seventh, shuttle movement mode: glass yarn frictional hair easily affect the weaving and product performance, so the best shuttle movement scheme is suspended through the opening.

Eight, weft axis capacity: weft axis capacity affects continuous beating number. The height and diameter of the weft spindle are affected by the height and width of the shuttle bed.

Nine. Beating up force control uses cam beating up.

Ten. Warp let off control: the tension of the yarn can be precisely controlled by using the form of stop film.

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