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What Is A Rapier Loom

Sep 01, 2018

A rapier loom is a shuttleless loom that is forked into or held by a reciprocating sword-like rod into a shed.

Weft insertion method: The weft insertion method of the rapier loom is to use a reciprocating rapier to fork or hold the weft yarn, and introduce the weft yarn on the outer side of the machine to the shed.

Features: When weaving strong weft yarn fabric, it can suppress the untwisting of weft yarn and the formation of weft and weft of fabric; most rapier looms have strong versatility and can adapt to various raw materials, different thicknesses and different sections. The shape of the weft yarn without the need to change the sword head.

Variety adaptability:

1. Due to good weft holding and low tension weft insertion, rapier weft insertion is also widely used in the weaving of natural and man-made filaments and in the production of terry fabrics.

2. It has a strong weft selection function, which can easily perform 8-color arbitrary weft change, up to 16 colors, and the weft selection motion does not affect the speed of the loom. Therefore, it is suitable for multi-color weft weaving, and has been widely used in decorative fabric processing, wool fabric processing and cotton-type color fabric processing, and is in line with the production characteristics of small batches and multiple varieties.

3. Double-layer rapier looms are suitable for the production of double fabrics and double-layer fabrics. Not only the high weft rate, but also the production of the velvet fabric feels good, good appearance, hairless backing, suitable for processing plush, cotton, natural silk and rayon velvet, carpet and other fabrics.

4. In the field of industrial textile production, such as glass fiber and other high-performance fiber, the technical processing of special industrial technical fabrics, useful for rigid rapier looms.