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What Is A Water Jet Loom

Sep 01, 2018

The water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet of water to pull the weft yarn across the shed.

Weft insertion method: The water jet loom uses water as the weft insertion medium, and the frictional traction force is generated on the weft yarn by the jet water flow, so that the weft yarn on the fixed bobbin is introduced into the shed.

Features: Water-jet weft insertion uses one-way flow of water as the weft insertion medium, which is beneficial to the high speed of the weaving machine. Among several shuttleless weft weaving machines, the water jet loom is the one with the highest speed, suitable for high-volume, high-speed, low-cost fabric processing.

Variety adaptability:

1. It is usually used for the processing of fabrics of hydrophobic fibers, and the processed fabrics are dried.

2. On the water jet loom, the weft yarn is drawn by the one-shot jet of the nozzle, and the jet flow velocity is rapidly attenuated exponentially, which hinders the expansion of the loom width. Therefore, water jet loom is often used for fabric processing of narrow or medium webs.

3. It can be equipped with multi-arm opening device for the processing of high-density dense tissue and small-patterned tissue fabric. The water looms have poor weft selection function, and can only be used with up to three nozzles for weaving in double or triple weft.