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What Is Textile Machinery?

Dec 21, 2018

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the application of textile machinery is becoming more and more extensive. Its main features are:

1, Strong craftsmanship

In modern times, people's understanding of the structure and physical and chemical properties of fibers has been deepened, thus creating more and more advanced processes, which can fully utilize the characteristics of fibers and fabrics. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute the drafting to the corresponding equipment of each process. Another example is the resin processing process (see anti-crease finishing), the fabric is first impregnated with resin in the padding machine, and then the resin is condensed between the fibers by high temperature treatment in the baking machine, and finally the soap is washed and washed in a flat washing machine. The combined resin residue is dried by a dryer. The entire process is determined by process requirements and cannot be reversed or unconditionally omitted or combined.

2, Strong set

The complete set of textile machinery is also subordinate to the process. A major development feature of modern textile machinery is to continuously improve the running speed of the machine, thereby obtaining high output, reducing the number of equipment, reducing the plant area, saving investment and labor. Less money has achieved greater results. The main measure to improve the speed of textile machinery is to design the structure of parts more rationally, using excellent performance materials and improving machining accuracy.

3, High efficiency

The high efficiency of the textile machinery is achieved by adding high-speed and other corresponding measures, such as the successful development of the auto-leveling device for the exhaust cotton box and the carding machine, realizing the combination of cleaning cotton and carding, thus canceling The winding process and the cleaning and winding device save a lot of handling work and improve efficiency.

4, Provincial maintenance

Modern textile machinery is designed with sufficient attention to reduce maintenance and prolong service life. It has been carefully considered in selecting materials and formulating heat treatment processes to ensure long service life and reliable operation.

5. Standardization

The repetitive coefficient of the same part of each machine is another characteristic of textile machinery. The machinery factory that produces these parts needs to design the corresponding tools, fixtures and molds according to the batch size of the parts to a dedicated multi-station automatic machine tool or a dedicated assembly line to ensure These parts are produced with high efficiency, high quality and low cost.