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When Are The Four Major Problems In The Development Of Textile Printing And Dyeing Machines Cracked?

May 24, 2018

Since 2017, the performance of the domestic textile machinery industry has been obviously improved, the main business income and the total profit are two digit growth, and the import and export of the textile machinery are all growing. According to the statistics of the China Textile Machinery Association, 1~8 month of this year, the main business income of the textile machinery industry reached 83 billion 521 million yuan, up 12.46% from the same year, the total import of textile machinery reached 2 billion 252 million US dollars, 32.61%, the total export amount reached 2 billion 117 million US dollars, and the increase of 6.48% compared to the same period. 1~8 months, printing and dyeing finishing machinery imports $307 million, an increase of 33.81% over the same period, printing and dyeing finishing machinery exports $404 million, an increase of 6% over the same period last year.

In recent years, the automation level of domestic printing and dyeing equipment, the effect of energy saving and emission reduction and the quality of manufacturing have been steadily improved. Many new types of CNC printing and dyeing equipment have reached the international advanced level, and the market share has reached more than 85%. The on-line detection and control technology of process parameters of printing and dyeing equipment has made great progress. The on-line detection and automatic distribution system of concentrated alkali and hydrogen peroxide concentration and automatic distribution system, joint machine tension synchronous control system, and the on-line monitoring system of the shaping machine production have been applied in the continuous development. The production line is equipped with on-line monitoring system and waste water and waste heat recovery equipment, the heat preservation effect of steam, water washing, drying and other equipment is obviously improved, and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction is very good. The continuous scouring and rinsing equipment of high quality and high efficiency knitwear has been made by many enterprises to replace the traditional and intermittent knitwear scouring and rinsing process. The effect of water saving is remarkable; the appearance of the printing and dyeing equipment is more and more beautiful, the idea of industrial design is integrated into the product development; the ratio of batch dyeing machine reaches a lower level, the ratio of airflow bath is 1:3, the overflow machine reaches 1:4; the development of the steam and liquid combination nozzle technology and the single pipe supply technology makes the power consumption of the airflow machine decrease obviously; steam and so on. Clean energy has become the main heat source in many printing and dyeing agglomeration areas, the exhaust gas is purified, and the temperature and humidity monitoring instrument is equipped in the drying room of the setting machine to optimize the setting process, reduce the energy consumption and reduce the emission of the exhaust gas; the printing speed of the digital inkjet printing machine is greatly increased and the speed of the printing is generally over 150 flat. Meters / hour, some products even more than 1000 square meters per hour; combined with the digital ink-jet printing machine with big data, cloud computing, Internet plus other cutting-edge technologies, docking clothing design, production and material production, change the traditional clothing production and lengthy process, realize the clothing customization.

Despite the marked improvement in the level of domestic dyeing and printing equipment, the development of the industry still faces 4 difficulties. One is restricted by technological processes, auxiliaries, dyes and other factors. The development of high efficiency and short process printing and dyeing equipment in China is slow and the process is long. Two is the overall low innovation and research and development investment in the printing and dyeing machinery industry, and few research on the basic theory of printing and dyeing machinery in universities and scientific research institutes, especially the few research and development projects in the cross field technology. Three, the development of printing and dyeing machinery products has a certain blindness, the production capacity of the middle and low end products is growing, the technical content is not high, the quality of the special basic parts is more serious; the four is the stability and durability of some printing and dyeing machinery products, the low success rate, the waste of energy and the aggravation of the environment. Pollution.

Therefore, in order to standardize the industry order and realize the upgrading of the domestic printing and dyeing equipment industry, environmental protection, energy saving, digital monitoring and intellectualization should be the most important development of the printing and dyeing machinery.

In particular, the development trend of printing and dyeing machinery and products is reflected in the following aspects: at the same time, developing the continuous process of printing and dyeing process, developing the synchronous development of the short process equipment and process (such as the wet short steam equipment), the realization of the equipment, the mercerizing machine and the continuous pad dyeing equipment, and the precise control of the fabric tension. In order to improve the efficiency of water washing, improve the efficiency of water washing, improve the efficiency of water washing, improve the sealing of the steam tank, strengthen the heat insulation to reduce the heat loss, pay more attention to the quality of the rubber of the rolling mill and reduce the rolling surplus (the microporous rolling roll) of the rolling mill, and improve the efficiency of the hot air drying, and reduce the efficiency of the hot air drying. Energy consumption; with the precise control of tension and the solution of knitted fabric edges and other problems, continuous drifting and washing equipment for knitted fabrics will replace partial intermittent equipment; continuous processing of fiber filament fabrics is being carried out, and continuous equipment may replace partial intermittent equipment for mass production of chemical fiber filament fabrics The circular network printing machine will still be the mainstream printing equipment, the full digital operation will be realized in the future, the pattern is monitored in real time, the precision of the flower precision is ensured, the digital energy consumption monitoring system is equipped with the drawing and setting machine, and the heat loss in the exhaust emission will be reduced. The wet treatment equipment will be generally equipped with wastewater filtration, reuse and surplus. Heat recovery equipment, setting machine is equipped with waste heat recovery and purification treatment equipment, the maximum use of waste heat, reduce production energy consumption; intermittent printing and dyeing equipment will continue to develop low bath ratio technology, study the low water consumption technology after dyeing process; promote the automatic distribution technology and products of dyes and auxiliaries to reduce chemical pollution.

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